Use multiple office 365 channels

Hey everyone,

I am new to Zammad Administration and I try to use more than one office365 channel.

I am using a selfhosted 5.0.x

I would like to add multiple office365 accounts from different OUs like and the second “”.

I can only configure zammad once for the use with one “office365 app”, but i need 2 because I have 2 companys with 2 Tenants. How can I archive this or is this not possible at all?

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Don’t use a tennant specific app and you’re good to go.

I still can’t get it to work, and need support please :pray:

My application is set up as multi-tenant in azure-portal, and I removed the tenant uuid/name from channels > Microsoft 365 > configure app inside of zammad like told here

I followed the documentation: Microsoft 365 — Zammad documentation

The authentication itself does work, but I get an Can't use Channel::Driver::Imap: #<Net::IMAP::NoResponseError: AUTHENTICATE failed.> afterwards from channels > Microsoft 365

All emails which are tenants of the domain that set up the app work without problems. Microsoft support told me to get back to you, as they can not help me.

Any ideas?

TIA Daniel

To add to this: Microsoft Azure Support tells me that

Since the users are able to authenticate to the app in question (Zammad) and the error occurs after the user logs into the app our recommendation is to reach out to the Application Team from Zammad for further assistance with the issue.


Please remember that Azure does the authentication part of these applications and in your case it seems that the app is able to authenticate with no errors or warnings from our end.

Thanks Daniel

Is it possible I can get support in solving that problem @MrGeneration?

Office365 will turn off legacy-auth on October 1, so I need the app to keep on using Zammad (with two different domains and o365 accounts).

Thanks in advance, Daniel

Hi, I think we have two issues here.
1: We also had these Authenticate failed errors without global admin rights in O365. After a fix with the Zammad support it is working now without global admin rights. Could you please try again?

2: There is no possibility to create a second O365 app (for the integration of multiple Microsoft tenant at this moment. The support told me to get here and discuss with the community to maybe create a feature request to implement this feature.

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@user1 please don’t hijack threads with other topics. Especially point 2 has nothing to do here.

@Samenhaus AUTHENTICATE failed is a classical error return by Microsoft. It indicates that your user in question either has not enough permission (possibly App wise) to retreive the mailbox or doesn’t have a mailbox at all. Note that you may have the wrong license in use. You license requires the “outlook app” - the bare Exchange trier is not good enough.

Don’t ask me why, Microsoft doing Microsoft things.

@MrGeneration what do you think this topic is about? From the title and the first questions from Maurice.Sobiera this is about connecting multiple O365 tenants to one zammad instance as far as I understood.

How can we create a feature request to make it possible to add more tenants to zammad?

multiple channels != multiple tennants.
That’s what I think.

here. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and ensure there’s not a feature request for it.

I have mailboxes configured under Channels > Microsoft 365 > Accounts > i.e.
I need to add Channels > Microsoft 365 > Accounts > i.e. but unable to configure another M365 app (from another M365 tenant)

Is this achievable or is it a feature request?
I feel like it’s related to this topic.

Please don’t hijack threads with your issues but consider opening a new thread instead.

I did provide what’s needed do make it work with several tennants:

If that’s not good enoug it’s a feature request for this board, yes.

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