Mention another agent in a ticket

Hi there!

What do you think about the possibility that mention, like “@the_other_agent” and that would trigger a notification for him/her? (use case: asking a question in a private note, while keeping to handle the ticket ourself). That might be really useful to be assisted/collaborate without changing the person assigned to the ticket.

We have several posts and even an issue of this type.

Good :slight_smile: Can you point me to the issue? If there’s a way to raise the priority by sponsoring the feature, I’d like too (and some other features).

No harsh intentions but: please consider the search function in this community.

By looking for “mention agent” you would’ve found these posts:

The first post is everything you’re looking for.



Thanks (I wasn’t sure about the term to use to search).

What about sponsoring the feature? Do you have an estimate amount needed to make it real and in priority?

I’ll leave this here

Don’t get me wrong, you’re too late. :wink:

So it’s fully funded? :slight_smile: No worries, I have other features/ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

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