Add observers to tickets

It would be great to add the possibility to assign a ticket to more than one user.
We are using the system for our IT. Our IT team have some products to support. For example two of use have to handle all hardware support. Another two are supporting the whole software.
So we have one role for our IT. Sometimes we get tickets which apply two or three agents (from the IT).
So it would be a nice feature to assign a ticket to more than one agent.

Another idea would be to mention an agent (like twitter with @ …).

Or, How can i handle this kind of tickets?


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I edited the title to “Add observers to tickets” (was “Multiassign to tickets”) as I think this describes your wish more.

This feature has also been wished by a customer of us.
As always, please vote on the OP-Entry, as this will help as to determine the need for this feature!