Avoid state change if email was sent from outside of zammad? Ticket goes always to open state

Dear all

As I did not get any feedback on my previous post (How do you handle "passive" tickets?) I am trying another approach and I would like to know whether this is even possible in zammad.

If I send an email from outside of zammad from a known sender support@acme.com to support@acme.com to a ticket [T#1234] the ticket state will always change to open. This is not a wanted behaviour. The system should see this “external” email as an agent response without changing the current state of the ticket.

Solutions tried:

  1. Use Postmaster filter to modify the article:
  • from contains support@acme.com > set sender to agent / system
    Changing the sender does not work / does not change the behaviour. ticket goes form state X to open
  1. Use Triggers to reset the state:
  • Well at this point it is too late to change the article / ticket. the Ticket was already set to open and the previous state is lost…

Is this behaviour desired or do I miss something?

In my opinion a message received from support@acme.com to an existing ticket in support@acme.com should be treated as if an agent has sent the message but no changes to the state should be made (this is the behaviour if you are replying on a pending ticket via web ui…)

BR wucherpfennig

Addition (maybe a solution?): By adding a new “non pending state” (Working with ticket information — Zammad documentation) like In Progress what happens in the described scenario from above?

  • will the ticket again go from In Progress to Open with if support@acme.com sends an email to support@acme.com?
  • will the agent receive an notification if support@acme.com sends an email to support@acme.com?

Addition 2: No matter what you set in Postmaster Filter an externally sent email always triggers a ticket update / change and therefore a notification. even though the sender = receiver.

this behaviour is odd: even articles modified by the postmaster filter to sender = agent and visibility = internal trigger a state change / notification etc.

In my understanding an article marked as sender = agent should not trigger anything as the agent him/herself did “create” the article.