How do you handle "passive" tickets?

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Again a “practical” question about “how to use zammad” :sunglasses:

We would like to track ERP generated messages (eg. for customer orders, from start to finish) in zammad in order to have a “complete communication overview” easily accessible to the people needing this kind of information.

Sending ERP messages and link them to tickets is simple and easy to achieve by using the ticket handle + ticket number.

How do we achieve the following goals:

  1. Keep the ticket “normally” quiet and avoid unnecessary “pending-open ping pong” changes
    Eg. if a delivery note update will be sent to the customer (and therefore also to zammad). the ticket owner (who is 90% of the time the person who triggered this message in the first place) does not need to receive a notification about a status change. AND the ticket does not need to go from eg. “pending” to “open” just in order to be put in “pending” again.

    Basically a ticket should only update its state (change to “open”) if a message comes NOT from the ERP system.

  2. Is there a way to have a status “pending” without any “until” date?
    As zammad does not allow to use regex matches to set certain fields the only way I could think of keeping the “pending until” state updated is via API… It is not my goal to constantly scan through all kinds of data just to update 1 field…

    Hence my Idea to have a “pending” state which is acting like waiting but without any actual “until” value… Is this possible?

  3. Drag & Drop from Outlook does not work
    I thought this was a feature in the past. But it seems no to work
    It works only on Chrome…

Regarding (1) from above I thought we could use postmaster filters but then I realized that this won’t work as it states in the documentation:


Therefore I do not know how to update a ticket but not triggering a state change…

If anybody could provide me with some help that’s very much appreciated.

BR wucherpfennig

Very curious about this idea myself. Not all of our use-cases need a tight tracking involving time & reminders.

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