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Good Day,

I dont know if have a workaround regarding to my feature request…if have please guide me.

My feature request is create a another pending state that not automatic change to open even costumer update the ticket and only agent can change to open…

And when the date reached will also notify the agent

I want to use this in some tickets that can solve by third party group. Like if we need to wait the update from another group to fix the problem.

I used only pending reminder but everytime customer follow up and I replied that need to wait from another group, I need to change again to pending reminder.

Additional: or if date is reached that the time to auto change to open and notify the agent

Thank you and More power

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Sir’ @chesty @MrGeneration regarding to my FR for new behavior of pending state it is posible or have workaround so i can implement this. Thank you

You can’t workaround this (not as far as I’m aware), as you can’t “re set” the pending time (it gets removed when the customer replies and you can’t get the value any way).


Thank you @MrGeneration … now I hope zammad team will consider my FR for new pending state behavior,

Hi Again,

something i have done that might help as a work around is setting a new Object called “Due Date”
of course you can call it what ever makes sense to your requirements, e.g next step …

then you can create date based triggers e,g when its goes 1 m over this then do … send email/close send email

i hope i understood your question right, this is then not changed on replies of course unless you set a trigger for it


Thank you for your reply, i will try your suggestion,

One of my concern in my FR is to ignore the esclation, because in the pending reminder state its automatic change to open when customer update the ticket, want is new pending behavior that when date is reached thats the time notify the agent and change to open…

You would also be able change the state with a new trigger should a customer reply,

i guess if you make a scenario on what you want to happen and its dependencies would help to find a solution than might work ,

e.g due date set what happens when this is reached,
customer replies before due date what should happen

also there is another function you can set in to group settings called “ASSIGNMENT TIMEOUT” if you set this then x time after an agent claims it and has done nothing to it then it will unassigned the ticket from that agent and it will then be back in the open and unassigned overview

Ex. Sir when I set to the pending reminder and set the date and customer update the ticket i want is still in pending reminder state not to change to open… if its ok can you please me provide of the trigger settings with additional object like what you said…

Thank you very much

Sorry i think you miss understood, the pending state you have no control make your own in the settings under objects make a new object called “Pending agent reminder” or something like that

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