Avoid changing ticket to open state on a new response from client

Desired: Receive a notification without changing the state of the ticket. The “problem” with the default behavior is that with tickets in “pending state” you can easily forget to set the ticket back to pending state and miss a deadline for the ticket.

There is a possible workaround in this FR: New Pending State - #5 by KINGRULZ creating a new object and using it instead of the “pending reminder” state:

something i have done that might help as a workaround is setting a new Object called “Due Date”
of course you can call it what ever makes sense to your requirements, e.g next step …

then you can create date based triggers e,g when its goes 1 m over this then do … send email/close send email


That was asked very often and is also very important to us.
But the way Zammad handles the reset of the ticket state seems to be the way they want it to do so.
So far the answers.

We don’t use “remind me at” any more, because it won’t remind you if the customer says “thank you” and so resets the ticket state and we also have no use for the ical feature that could be very useful in Outlook without uncontrollable lost pending states.

The only way we were thinking about, was disabling the reset of the ticket state by customer answers completely in the zammad source code. In our workflow, there is no need for any ticket state resets by customer answer. If you find a way doing this, please tell me.

Could you explain your “due date” solution in detail? Sounds useful.
We tried an object with a date field, but it did not show up in the ical export and we had big problems that it was not always possible to enter a date.

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I still didn’t try the workaround. It comes from the other FR linked above, but it seems that you already tried something similar.