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Hi zammad-Team,

we have currently 5.4 running. The preview of the appointments is very useful and the option to download the appointment for adding it to outlook is also useful.
There is a small issue beside the download of the ics file. The provided file has no ending by default, so every download needs to be renamed manually to be able to open the file with outlook or another calendar app.

To reproduce: Open a appointment preview, click download
Expected behavior: Download a ics-file like ‘appointment.ics’
Current behavior: Downloading a file named ‘file’ with no ending.

Maybe you can review it and change the behavior for the upcoming releases. Thank you.

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If the file in the original mail has an ending this would sound like a bug. If it doesn’t it would be a feature request.

I have reviewed the original mail. So far i cannot see a classic attachment like a ics file but outlook and also zammad recgnize the mail as an appointment.
The appointment had been created by teams (meeting invitation). I had not tested if the behavior differs if the mail contains a classic ics-file yet as we primary work with outlook and teams.

I’m moving this to technical assistance as I cannot reproduce the described behavior. I guess this is either a M$ specific behavior or another issue on the way (be it on your or our end).

I’ve tested this with the nextcloud appointment integration which does send ics files and simply imported those mails into Zammad to see what happens.

The filename extension is preserved as expected. This means if you have no file extension, the original mail most likely hadn’t as well. This is a usability issue on the source not the destination.

So it looks like a microsoft related topic. In this case i would like to place it as a feature request:
If in a appointment preview the file for the download has no file extension, zammad should fall back to handle it as a ics-file therefore a manual renaming of the file to open it with the the default application would be obsolete.

Would be nice if this could find a place on your roadmap. Thank you.

Create a feature request here:

I’m a fan of clean threads - technical questions in feature request may harm your (and our) goal to improve something and might cause it being rejected.