"Superuser" for an customer organization

We would like to give certain users within a customer organization a superuser role, which would allow them to view all tickets associated with their organization. This is important because many of our customers have internal IT staff who need to have an overview of all tickets from their organization.

Currently, there is the option to set a “shared organization,” which lets all users within the organization view all tickets. However, this is not always desirable for our customers due to confidentiality concerns.

As a workaround, we create customer-specific groups and assign the superuser the agent role with access to only that group. However, this approach has limitations (internal notes are visible to them) and doesn’t scale well if we have a group for each customer.

An alternative solution is to allow tickets to be flagged as private, which would exclude them from the shared organization view. However, we believe that the superuser role would be a better solution.

We’ve noticed that similar feature requests have been made in the past here and here, but they were closed. Therefore, we’ve created a new request to address this issue.


Opening dozens of feature request of the same type does not exactly help as you divide the “votes” over all of those threads. Even if a thread is closed, you can still use the heart of the first article to “vote”. That’s how we measure the community need.

@MrGeneration I understand, but as they are closed I can not add anything to them. So please either keep them open or provide a way to reopen them.

Threads are closed automatically if nobody interacts with them. This has no effect on hearting etc etc.
Any way. I just pointed out - you can do anything you want with my input / information! :slight_smile:

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Just found another topic requesting the same here
I’ll try to get all of them so we can sum up all :hearts: :wink: