Shared Organisation for special User


is it possible to make shared Organisation only for special user like an customer admin?

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as far as I can overview this, I don’t think that this is possible right now :frowning:

Hi Newan,

@MrGeneration is right.
That is not possible.
If an organisation has acrivated the sharing feature, everyone belonging to that organisation could see all tickets for that organisation.
Sorry for the bad news.

ok then i changed this to Feature Request


we need this feature on a per user basis, so that some customers are allowed to access all tickets of their organization while others are only allowed to see their own tickets.

As an alternative, this feature could be implemented by allowing each user to be part of multiple organizations. By doing so, you could split up one single organization into several parts (organizations), where just one part is a shared organization.

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I just realized the alternative I mentioned above is currently a feature in progress on github workflow :+1:


is the feature request on a roadmap and will become realized soon?

Realizing that soon: I do not think so.
We got in our list, but it currently has no priority.

The wanted change is quite big, as this affects many core parts of Zammad.

Edit: Please note that this is a Feature Request, not a “we are doing it”-Post.

I’d love to see this feature being added. Maybe you could just add a permission within the role management…

My use case: Customers’ servers/computers/NAS sends emails from a different SMTP account (for security reasons), but I’d love to have the customer see the tickets created by those devices—even if the customer decides against the ‘shared organisation’ setting.

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