Shared organisation for "superusers" only

I know this has been asked in several threads under Technical assistance and also once as a feature request here but since all threads are closed I wanted to make a new one to ask for this feature again so that you know that there are more users who whish for this feature to be implemented.

We now use Zammad in a corporate environment and almost all of our customers would like to have the possibility to name one or more superuser(s) that are allowed to see all tickets of their organisation but not all users. There are too many tickets that should not be seen by absolutely everyone along the hierarchy chain so we can’t set the organisations to shared right now, but the customers would like to have supervisors / it-coordinators to be able to see what other employees opened as tickets.

I hope this is on your “to be developed” list and if not maybe you could consider putting it on there.



The closed state of the threads for feature requests has technically nothing to do with their chance to get implemented. As we’re using the heart function to determine the overall need, opening several threads of the same topic might be counter productive.

Just wanted to let you know that it doesn’t mean that it’s not accepted if it gets automatically closed. :slight_smile:

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