Require custom ticket attributes only for specific groups


I am not sure this is possible at the moment, so I am categorizing it as a Feature Request.

We have recently set up Zammad in our org to replace an old ticketing system for the IT department.
Now we want to get other departments on board as well. A big point of friction has been the ticket creation process as the IT department added quite a few mandatory attributes to the tickets which the other departments don’t need.

As such it would be great if the ticket attribute management could be extended to achieve one of the following:

a) Allow setting the ‘required’ flag for an attribute on a per-group basis

or even better:

b) Allow enabling a ticket attribute on a per-group basis

Since I am fairly new to Zammad I would also appreciate any pointers on how to meet our requirement using a different approach. Setting all attributes as optional is not an option as people tend to only fill in the required fields :confused:



This is imho, in my opinion, the same as the following request:

We know this already, but currently have no ETA for it.

Thank you for the quick reply.

Yes, our issue could be solved with this feature. Sorry for double-posting.

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We would definitely like the ability to customize the visibility of attributes.

We would mostly want this for Ticket attributes.

It would be nice if we could simply tick one or more groups that an attribute should be visible for. (e.g. Order Support and/or Tech Support).

Being able to define attribute visibility based on the state of other attributes would equally be awesome. Maybe by being able to define some logical conditions (similar to triggers, etc.), which then has actions that result in an attribute being visible, editable, required, etc.

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