Objects visibility based on other objects state

I think it would be great if you could set a custom objects visibility based on the state of other objects.

Something like:

without selection

with selection

Is this possible?




Right now it is not possible.
But we would like to see that too and we also made an enhancement request for such a feature.
Objects should be visible depending on other objects and also dependent on the group.
i.e. field1 only used in group1, field2 used in group1 and group2

best regards

thanks. do you have the link to that request so I can bookmark it?

Oh old but still valid.
I think the issue that was meant here is this one:

Hi Marcel,
do you have any news to that?
We were happy to see, that you finished group based text modules with version 3.1 some days ago.
This enhancement is pretty close to group based text modules.
So the developer might still in touch with the code and realising the enhancement might not be a big deal?

thank you!

Sorry no news yet.
This is in our backlog and thus will proberbly have to wait. :frowning:

Hey Marcel,

the topic will close in 3 days.
Does autoclose of enhancement requests make?

Do you want new users that like the idea to open a new thread?
Or could someone still like the idea with pressing the heart, even if the thread is closed?


As far as Iā€™m aware you can still put hearts on closed topic.
However, I postponed the close by 3 months.

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I believe this is coveredd by Core Workflows that came with Zammad 5.0