Use groups to control visibility of overviews

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

One of the things I miss the most while using Zammad compared to Zendesk is the ability customize the visibility of certain items based on the user currently logged in and/or their group access.

Here two examples of something that I think would be practical to control via groups membership.
Note: if there are other ways of accomplishing what I am trying to do, I am all ears :slight_smile:

Control overview visibility

It is currently possible to define access to overviews based on roles, and it can be also fine tuned by adding specific users. I think having also groups as a filtering options would be extremely practical.

Use case

5 groups, 5 separate overviews listing open tickets for each group.
For an agent who belongs to only one group, the extra 4 overviews are just clutter.
Adjusting visibility based on agent generates overhead work and requires more maintenance than simply saying “Visible to group A”.

Control ticket objects

Another case where visibility can be controlled based on the role (customer vs agent), but would benefit from group membership control.

Use case

5 groups, 5 different custom drop-down ticket objects/fields. Each field has values relevant to only one group.
As things stand now, all fields are visible, but only one at a time is relevant. The other four are just clutter.
Having the group control which field(s) are visible would reduce clutter on the right side of the interface.

EDIT: never mind, this is a duplicate of, which in turn is a duplicate of

I hope the request is clear enough. If not, let me know and I’ll try to re-factor it.

Oh, we are running Zammad 3.3.X, self hosted.



In my opinion this doesn’t make any sense in the Zammad universe.
The reason I’m saying this is, that your agents do have permission to view specific groups, but are technically not assigned to groups.

This makes this filter very very complicated.
Besides, Overviews will always only display things you’re allowed to view. This means you can use a single overview for several groups if fitting.

In my opinion splitting roles into several roles and using those for group specific rights and thus filtering for role specific overviews if needed is the better approach.

Please keep in mind that too many overviews may cause performance issues.


Fair enough. What you say does make sense :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I think this can be closed.


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