Re-occuring tasks

Hi guys,
we’re using Zammad as ticket system in my company. the use case is pretty standard - customer writes our support address, a ticket is created and resolved. so far so good.

A colleague came to the idea to also handle re-occuring tasks as a tickets. Something like:

  • a customer certificate expires at a given date => and a ticket should be (re-)opened a week before.
  • a customer agreed to a regular maintenance window for product X => a ticket should be (re-)opened 2 days before

I am not sure how to implement this. Since calenders are “only” for service times, i’m not really sure if tickets are the right way to implement such time-controlled tasks/events.

So i am wondering how others handle these types of regular tasks.
Any feedback and/or ideas are welcome.

Thank you!
Best regards

I have the same problem of needing a way to schedule recurring tickets.

Unfortunately Zammad doesn’t natively support this, and there doesn’t seem to be any plans to address this in the immediate future.

If you need this feature, you’ll need to bolt something together using something like cron or power automate to send emails / API calls to your Zammad instance, which creates the ticket.

Here is the Github feature request:

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