Ticket "auto generate" is missing


I think it would be verry useful if zammad could generate automatic tickets.
For example: every month zammad generates a ticket with the name “maintenance work for this friday” and the status is set as a reminder.

This featre would be verry useful.

Kind regards
Tobias Fink


This would be a wonderful feature.

Right now we are using a powershell script and a bunch of CSV files on a different server to manage recurrent tickets.


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Would love this feature too. Alternative, for current use, you could automatically let a script send such a mail with the content you need and then simply use the automation to handle the reminder setting. (Since you know what exactly will stand at a specific point of the message)

This feature would be awesome if it’s integrated into the zammad GUI.

We’re currently doing it on the zammad server (debian) via systemd.

My description might be a bit outdated though since it was my first time working with systemd timers (was using cron for something like that 'til now).

Update: I just read it again - it’s definitely outdated but i can’t update it since the thread is closed.
It’s working like that but you can do it a lot smoother so it’s not a big deal.


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