How hard would it be to add a local script execution to the triggers page?

Currently the triggers page allows sending of email and sms.
I would love to have the option to trigger the execution of a local script, preferable with the ticket id as an argument (more data is of course always nice :slight_smile: ).
How hard would it be to make such a functionality?
If I want to start learning ruby, in what file or files should I look to add that?

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Jeroen Baten

p.s. Hm, seems somebody else also requested something similar:

Maybe @thorsteneckel can tell when he finds some spare time.

Personally I think that this also comes with great security dangers.
My guess at the moment is that this is the try to workaround the missing webhook support which in my opinion would be the better and (imho) safer way to do it.


Webhooks would work to, that’s true. But executing a local script on a server that has Zammad installed is only as dangerous as the sysadmin managing that system :-). The exact same for the system the webhook that triggers an action. It always happens on a server, and is, again, as dangerous as the sysadmin managing that system.

The reason I ask is that I have been contacted by a startup. They want to trigger bpm processes defined elsewhere when needed based on the contents of the ticket. Based on the backing of the startup I will press them asap to subscribe to one of the zammad pricing plans.

Sorry replied from my phone in a totally wrong context.

Hey guys. Sorry for my late response. @kwoot - unfortunately is this part of Zammad one of the most advanced and I would’t recommend a novice to tackle this as a first task, might be really frustrating. However, for however want’s to give it a shot you can find how we added SMS support here. The changes you are looking for are the ones in the app/models/ticket.rb file. Quite messy down there…