Outgoing webhook for new/changed tickets

It would be great if it was possible to trigger an outgoing webhook for new/changed tickets.

The existing API is useful, but it lacks the “push” type of notification. I can get a list of notification, but in many cases (in example in integration services like Integromat or Zapier) this will not be the best way to trigger an external workflow.

While an external workflow is triggered by a change that happened within Zammad it will be easy to use the existing API to do whatever actions are required by the workflow.

Implementing this should be trivial as we already have an email trigger, so building on top of Zammad architecture and adding another alternative “webhook” type notification with the possibility of defining an endpoint should require minimal effort.


But no Milestone is set

I would love to see this feature as well. With the existing API we create tickets that users work on.
When the ticket state changes we need to continue a process in another business tool.

Right now, this is only possible via polling mechanism I guess. The the other business tool needs to continuously poll the api for the ticket state and action in case the state changes. As this does not scale to 100s or 1000s of tickets a webhook feature would be really handy.

I have started implementing this in my own branch and hope to have this PR ready soon.

This works similarly to how triggered emails do. You can configure a trigger to execute a webhook to any custom endpoint, with a custom ‘content-type’ header, and a custom body using the same templating language used for emails.

Currently when the webhook executes, the response from the endpoint is logged as a note from the system on the ticket. The request body is also logged there and can be viewed in hovertext.

Things I want to add:

  • Make response logging optional
  • HMAC signatures on the payloads

You can see my work on this here: https://github.com/mattk42/zammad/tree/webhook-support


Hi @mattk42,
can you update me on your PR? Will it be merged ?


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