Customer&Agent --> Fill Agent as Customer automatically for internal tickets

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we use Zammad in all our areas for communication with customers. Now we want to give our employees who are agents for their area the possibility to place internal tickets (internal IT, HR, etc.) in the same system.
This is currently also possible, since agents can also be customers.

It would be great to have a possibility to pre-fill the customer with the agent/customer when creating a ticket with e.g. the group “internal”.

Whether this is possible as a core workflow or ticket template would not matter. Currently, I can only do this in the trigger, but this does not apply to ticket creation.

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I had the same use-case and wanted to use core workflows to achieve this:


Hey, glad to hear I’m not alone in this. Had searched but did not come across your article.

I left a like on your article but this article is closed so we can’t discuss there anymore.
Can you also hit up a like here, when I get this right → more likes → more chances to get it.
Hopefully we get here more traffic and more Users that have this use-case.
Yes the core workflows would be the optimal solution for this from my point of view, but I am also open to other solutions.

You can vote even on closed feature request topics without any issue. Just give the first article your heart. :slight_smile:


I fully support this, for reasons also detailed in As a user that is both agent and customer I need to be able to open tickets as customer. Ideally, it should be possible for an agent or administrator to select the role he wants to have (among his possible roles) for a specific operation. This is something that exists in GLPI ticketing system and is very useful both for the use case described here (in many cases, an agent is also an internal customer) and for testing.


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