As a user that is both agent and customer I need to be able to open tickets as customer


I think that since version 3.5 Zammad allows both roles to users.

But when a user that is both agent and customer wants to open a ticket for himself I need that it uses the same view as a customer only user would use.

I am using Zammad 4.1.


we had this discussion on this board some times already.
Here’s a very quick TL;DR for you:

We want to have a as simple as possible overview.
This means if you’re an agent Zammad can’t differentiate if the ticket in question is going to be a customer or a agent ticket. This is a design decision - as of now we’re not planning to change this behavior.

Workaround would be to provide agents create permissions for every group.
Agent then sets himself as customer and is still able to see the customer tickets.

We believe that providing an option to agents to create tickets as customer or agent may be confusing more than being useful.

Sorry to hear that… :frowning:

If Zammad had this feature it will beat all ticket systems that I already tried (and I tried many).

I understand that Zammad focus is to serve external users/customers but with this feature it would be the perfect fit for any ticket system, with both internal and external user support.

If you believe that this is a must have functionality within Zammads Core, please feel welcome to create a feature request on this forums feature request category.

If there’s already a fitting topic, please use the heart on the initial article to express your commitment to the functionality.

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