Create SMS Tickets

Hi everyone,

We have been using Zammad for while and its working great.

We are seeking to be able to create/initiate SMS messages/tickets with customers in the way new email tickets function. The existing SMS function within the platform works great, however it can only be initiated by customer.

I can see from old posts that this has been asked previously sometime ago:

Could we kindly get an update for 2021 around this functionality?

If its not actively been worked on, could you direct us to who we should talk to about getting an estimate about getting this developed for us.

Many thanks, Liam


This is being asked very rarely which is why it currently has no real priority as far as I’m aware.
The feature request you linked as zero up votes.

If you believe that this is a core functionality Zammad should provide and want to e.g. sponsor for the Zammad core, please contact sales [at] zammad [dot] com.
This would also apply if you want a specific addon based functionality for yourself. :slight_smile:

Thanks @MrGeneration

I did reach out to sales with an interest to sponsor this development, please see the reply below. I replied requesting to find out more about the paying customer options and never received a response.

We are at a loss of what we should do, any suggestions? Is this something we could engage a third-party developer to build for us?


I’m so sorry for the delay.
We currently receive a lot of sales requests which may slow our response down - however, it’s not our goal. I pinged the colleagues hoping to provide you an answer asap.

Most important part: We did not forget about you! :slight_smile:

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No worries, thanks for your assistance.

This would be very useful functionality for us.

If you believe a functionality to be useful, please vote with a heart on the first article. The number of “positive” answers on a thread are not taken into account.

I will use this as well.