BCC in E-Mail Template?


  • Used Zammad version: 5.1
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.0.4
  • Browser + version: Firefox 100

Expected behavior:

I just want say, that our agents ask for a bcc option in the E-Mail Template:

In the Internet I have found several request for this feature request, however, they developer say that th, ere are still too few requests to include this feature.

I think it would be a compromise, if you can show/hide the bcc option in the administrative area.

Greetings, Marco

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We have said this several times by now:
We’re not planning to allow BCC messages.

This goes against everything Zammad tries to accomplish.

But as you can see from the repeated requests, there does seem to be quite some demand for such a feature :smile:. I don’t really understand, what the “everything Zammad tries to accomplish” it is, that would not allow BCC to be implemented.

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Yeah I can totally see the 80% user base + demand.

Hmm. You expect 80% of the user base to come to this forum and post requests or click on some heart-fomed icons? That sounds overly optimistic to me :smile:

No what, all my sarcasm put aside, I’m trying to say that this is not a functionality that’s made for our 80% user base. I understand that there’s functions missing for some of you. Some are more important than others but what’s important is: It is impossible to introduce them all. At least not in a short time period - this forces us to prioritize and keep focus on the important functions.

In general: The more that need a function, the better for us. Don’t forget, we have to maintain code we introduce. Maintaining and developing costs money in the end.

I have explained why BCC isn’t a thing for Zammad several times on this board. I am sorry, I am too lazy to do so again.

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