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As in normal email communication also with support tickets it is sometimes required to send copies to third parties which should not be seen by the primary recipients. This is currently not possible. We often work around it by sending two mails: One to the primary recipient(s) and an other to the BCC recipient(s). However this bloats tickets and database and makes tickets less clear and readable.

As a request this has been denied in https://github.com/zammad/zammad/pull/1040. However this pull request is over two years old and the answer by @thorsteneckel then was, that “[…] This does not mean that there will be never a BCC functionality in Zammad. It’s only for now. […]”. Maybe/hopefully this assessment has changed in the meantime. I cannot imagine, that adding a BCC option is complicated. On the other hand I am no coder :slight_smile: .


No update so far. We receive this feature request very very rarely. Since Zammad aims to be as slick and simple as possible with minimal overhead we won’t add features that are not relevant for 80% of our user base. However, we’re working on making Zammad more easy to customize to enable the user base to introduce such changes themself. This will take some time…

We would be interested in this feature as well because we want to combine Zammad with our Salesforce-CRM. The easiest possibility is that every Account Manager in Zammad adds his individual salesforce-ingoing-email to BCC so that there is a seemless integration.

Global BCC does not fullfill our requirement :frowning:

Hi @dkehne - thanks for your use case description. We plan to release a feature with Zammad 3.4 where you can have single Users as Trigger email recipients (https://github.com/zammad/zammad/issues/535). I think this will resolve your issue more robust because agents can’t forget to add the BCC and will scale better in terms of agent training.

Here’s an example configuration:


Alright. Sounds good! Thanks for the detailed explanation.

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VERY looking forward to this. :heart:

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Hm… so with the 3.4 update is it possible to send the email to a User Email, but just as a “normal” recipient.
It would be awesome if you could choose to send the email via bcc to a user.

A trigger runs completely seperate from the mail you’re sending to your e.g. customer.
Again: We do not plan to implement BCC functionality.

Sorry I meant email/trigger thing :wink:
I was just a bit confused about the BCC thing because @fthommen and @dkehne spoke about it.

The new feature is awesome and it would be even better if I could choose to send it to an Agent via BCC but I found a workaround so the customer doesn’t see that the ticket has been forwarded to a second email.

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@oschmidt can you maybe give an insight how you realized that or is it just the wrong place here i this bcc-issue?

Is there any hint or link you can deal with or do you realize it the way thorsteneckel was describing it right above? Thanks in advance.

We would also be interested in BCC within an email for the rare occasion it is required.

To be honest it not big deal as there are workarounds “Sending Two Emails, Etc”.

BCC is not used that often in our organization but I would have colleagues that would like the feature anyway.

Thanks for taking the time in reading our opinions

Kind Regards,

@dkehne well I just created a second trigger for the “bcc” email address.
Basically it’s the same trigger as the first one with the difference that the recipient is the BCC email with #{article.body_as_html} inside.

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I updated to 3.4 but can’t figure out how to add external e-mail addresses in triggers. Currently, the form looks like this (only related users available for each issue):

Can someone point me to the solution?

Hey @svenseeberg – welcome to the community :wave: You’re right. There is no way to add an external email address to the form. You have to create a User for the external Email address/recipient beforehand.

Background information:
We actually evaluated this possibility/functionality when we planned this feature. The thing is that in Zammad every communication partner will automatically become a User in Zammad.
So for example, whenever you send an Email to Zammad, Zammad will automatically create a user for it. The same thing is true when an Agent creates a Ticket or Article. Zammad requires this for reporting reasons and to be GDPR conform. Otherwise we won’t be able to report or remove all the information about a single user entity.
Given that knowledge a User would have been automatically created for an outgoing Trigger Email to an external Email address as well. So after the first Email would have been send a User for this Email would have been created.
Zammad Users love the simpleness and clean UI/UX (at least where we managed to get it that way). Adding a dedicated input field for an external Email address would have cluttered the UI and would actually result in a User anyway (as described above). Therefore we decided to keep the UI simple and clean and require the recipient to exist as a User before selecting it.

Hope this makes it clearer :eyes:

Hi @thorsteneckel,

thanks for getting back so quickly. I understand that I need to create a user. But how can I add this user as a recipient? I can currently only select “owner”, “last sender”, “customer” and “all agents”. Can I somehow select a user that is not yet related to the issue?

Oh well, that’s strange… The UI actually should look like this:

Looks like your migrations did not complete successfully, as Zammad 3.4 email actions look like so:

If you can’t fix that issue on your own and need community help, please create a new topic for overview reasons. :slight_smile:

Interesting. I think with that info I can fix it. Thanks!

Works now. For reference, one of the following commands fixed it:

systemctl stop zammad
zammad run rake db:migrate
zammad run rake assets:precompile
systemctl start zammad


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