Ability to watch tickets

Both Kayako (our old tickets system) and Redmine (our current bugtracker for software development and organizational tickets) feature the ability to watch tickets.

That is, an agent can click on a “Watch” button on a ticket he has access to, and the system will keep him up-to-date on everything that happens to the ticket (both systems use e-mail for this because they don’t support browser notifications).

Since we’ve migrated to Zammad, I have already received several questions how to this in Zammad, but unfortunately, Zammad doesn’t seem to be able to do this yet. I would imagine it to work like this:

  • In the ticket zoom, a new option “Watch” is added to the Ticket drop down list in the sidebar (where History, Merge and Change customer are located). The option changes to “Unwatch” when the user is already watching the current ticket.

    Beneath “tags” and “links”, a new list “watchers” is added to the sidebar which lists which agents are watching this ticket.

  • A new overview “My watched tickets” shows a list of all tickets that the current user is watching. It only filters by watched tickets, that is, it will list all watched tickets, regardless of their state open/closed etc.

    To remove a ticket from the list, the agent has to unwatch it.

  • The user will receive notifications for all tickets he is watching, for everything that happens to the ticket. The notifications are configurable in the notification tab of the user profile.


Hey Martin,

I think this kind of already is covered by the following issue:

I didn’t make it yet to post a contribution post yet, but I will do so until tomorrow.
We would love to implement this, but currently this lacks the money.

Right now we have one customer willing to contribute - we’d need five more. I’ll update and link the thread here when I wrote it, if you want to.

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maybe it makes sense to update the git thread name as from the OP it is not apparent that a subscribe button was also discussed, I had to dig into the thread first to see it.
Regarding the contribution, what ballparkfigure are we talking here? Could you provide me with that information? If you can’t disclose this publicly a PM would be sufficient.


Woah sorry, just found this tab… :smiley:
Even though I really took time to answer, I just feel I still should.

We’re talking about 20.000€ in total. As this is quite a number, we currently try to have a pooling for this feature - see: Feature: Watch-Function for tickets an agent is not member of

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