Zammad as meta ticketing system

If you work together with lot of external partners you will face the situation in your IT department that most of your tickets will result in creating a ticket in an external 3rd party ticket system. So you have a lot of overhead on managing the status and answers from external systems.

Almost all ticket systems have Email as common “interface”. Is there a way to create groups/users that are connected to external systems via email.
Assigning a ticket to such a user will send a email to the configured 3rd party support email address and handles the answers. Normally you get back a confirmation with the external ticket number. Depending on configured rules the status of the internal ticket should change and notify the internal ticket owner.

To make this work there should be something to configure parsing of external ticket numbers from the subject and create templates for the mails and to the external system (e.g. to add customer number or support contract number)

Also a rule to parse status information from reply email is needed.

I changed the category to technical assistance, because I think that this is what it actually is. :x Sorry if I’m wrong!

Zammad already does have an email channel. If you write just “normal” to the other system, you’re totally fine in somewhat of 90% oif the cases (at least on my environments). This is, because most Ticket systems keep the subject intact and reference it back (beside possible in-reply-to Headers that would help as well).

This helps Zammad to recognize answers from external helpdesk systems as an answer to an existend ticket and just appends the answer there.

At least I think that this is what you need.

On the other hand, Status parsing of other systems should be possible by Triggers with using “body contains XYZ”. But: This needs to be exact and might give false positives.

Thanks. I am absolutely fine with this. Perfect if it can be done with existing features.

Then the only thing I have to take care of is to prevent mail loops and change the ticket number pattern to be different.

This usually only happens if the other site has the same ticket number like you do (this should be rare) or the oposite site does remove all references (like the ticket number)