Send mail with custom subject from existing ticket

I’d love to see the possibility to send emails with a custom subject (and w/o the ticket ID) from existing tickets. The answer should still arrive directly in the ticket.

We are often in the situation, that from an existing ticket we need to contact third parties to get additional information, to inform them about an issue or to get an approval. However we’d like to be able to send these emails as if they were “regular” emails, not coming from a ticketing system. Very often it doesn’t make sense to use the ticket title, as these mails only refer to a sub-topic of the ticket, or because the ticket title is badly chosen ecc. Currently we send these mails from our personal mailboxes and then either copy-paste or import-marge them into the relevant ticket. It would be great if this stop could be skipped.

Implemented as a more general feature, Zammad could allow to edit the subject of any outgoing email.

Sorry but this is already possible…!

Administrators can enable subject fields for all users within any ticket:

Why “sorry”? That’s great! I’ve never noticed the per-ticket settings “gear” icon. Another example that Zammad sometimes fulfills wishes before they are spoken out :slight_smile:

Still a few suggestions/wishes to enhance the functionality:

  • The gear icon is very light grey and looks as if it was disabled (maybe one reason why I hadn’t noticed it so far)
  • The gear icon unfortunately it’s not visible once one has scrolled down a few pixels, which is true almost all the time. Maybe the function would be better placed in the always available “Ticket” menu (where one can also find the history, the merge and the change user functionality)?
  • The settings could have configurable defaults in Settings -> Ticket.
  • The setting for the default email subject could support placeholders (ticket title, ticket id etc.)
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