Working with Multiple Browser Tabs

I just want to point out again that we need a solution for working with multiple browser tabs,
i understand the technical challenge of the current stack

but the fact is that people work with slack/discord/ or whatever and share links to tickets, this wont go away, and that is causing the biggest pain for us right now, cause clicking on those links in chat will open a new browsers tab/window to zammad

Is it maybe possible to to something like a ticket-focus-mode that is not the “main zamamd thread” and thus has less of the Single-Page-Apps functionality but allows you to view that ticket somehow? (i.e. no notifications etc)

I am just thinking for a workaround if its not possible to update the zammad core problem around this in the coming years. At least i am clueless how to otherwise solve that problem, but our teams are annoyed by that and they mostly assign / escalate tickets over the chat as this is the most forward approach for us and as they need to work with multiple browser/screens anyway cause they have an ERP side to side with zammad, they are used to “group” their tabs together so that the ticket corresponds to the other open windows


We are facing the same issue. I am honestly running out of arguments “why” it is not possiblle having multiple tabs open.

People without any technical knowledge care little about the reason why you cannot have multiple tabs open…

I do not know whether it would be a feasible approach but maybe some kind of “smart polling” could be an attempt?
Have one tab as “main” instance with the socket and the others are polling for updates and show a notification that the content has updated…


I have been studying Zammad for almost 1 month to implement it in my company and now I am facing the same problem. We use whatsapp as a chat in the area and we share tickets all day. Unfortunately not allowing multitab leaves me without much chance of getting Zammad approved for the migration from Osticket that we currently use.
A solution is requested for this, it is a priority since the team always sends the tickets.


A experimental change I’ve added to our instance of Zammad is a javascript snippet which ensures only one tab is of Zammad is ever open at a time. It solves directly opening links from other chat platforms.

It does so by sending out a window message with the current url to any other potential open Zammad tab and if any responds, it closes itself, while the already opened Zammad tab opens the received url. (Along with sending a notification if the window is not visible, so the window can be focused by clicking on it). I can make this a addon package and share it later on if there is interest.

It is not the best solution for sure, as it currently takes a bit for this whole process to happen while it probably still fetches lots of unnecessary data from Zammad simultaneously and it can’t automatically have the tab take focus, so I am thinking about writing a browser extension to archive this instead.