Voicemail link in call log


not answering calls have the option to leave a voicemail, after that the telephone system call an event to create an link to the voicemail audio file.
It is possible to write this link in the call log as an column for unanswerd calls, so the agent can open the voicemail direkt from zammad?

an possible api call:

curl -X POST --data “event=voicemail&callId=123456&direction=in&voicemailLink=” https://zammad_instance/api/v1/sipgate/in


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Hi @Newan

nice idea! Where can this audio file be downloaded? Is it on your BPX? So we need an full URL or at least the base url of the server where the file is located.


Today, the BPX (Swyx) send an Email with an attachmend as .wav -File.
It is also possible to make an small function to upload the file into zammad over rest?
another solution is to copy the file to an public folder and get zammad an link to it?

@martini any news about this feature.Can i help you somehow

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