Voice Message to ticket

We often receive feature requests… Our clients like to submit their tickets as a voice message that recorded by their cell phones. In fact they like easily describe the issue as a voice message the same as send voice message via Whatsapp/telegram to a friend.

Have fun.

Do you want Zammad to create a tranciept or do you want Zammad to be able to play audio files and get feed with them?

I want Zammad have a button that client press it and record a voice message and send it as attachment of body of ticket and in our side operator be able to click on the voice message attached and listen to it.

Thanks for clearification.

Just a “dumb” work around idea: Why not use a voice mailbox that sends the message via E-Mail to Zammad?
You can then download the audio file and listen to ist.

Your welcome.
Clients like simple ways, Simply Press a button / talk (Describe the issue details ) / send, as currently select attachments and is optional for each ticket.

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