Timestamp on ticket updates

Hi all!

I searched the forums and could not find what I was looking for.

Besides the email notifications, we would like to have timestamps right on the ticket when it is updated for whatever reason, so the timestamp can be shown on the web interface, here:


With timestamps it would look like:

I think you get the idea.

We are using Zammad 3.4.x - is there any knob I have to twist in order to enable such a feature from the web-GUI, or can it be done from the console already?

Thanks a lot in advance for your assistance!


I’m not sure if this is helpful, as i’ve no experience changing the layout’s. But i believe the timestamp of the last modification is stored in the column tickets.updated_at.
This seems to be the source code showing the top meta information;

using this backing object;

maybe you can modify it to also include the updated_at field

Hi @olafbuitelaar

thanks for your reply.

From what I understand, this would only add the creation time to the ticket - this is already part of the ticket itself and can be found right under the title:


That is fine.

What I need to implement is a timestamp for each change to be shown directly on the ticket, besides the emails received by the client (please see the screenshot on my first post).

Further ideas/suggestions are welcome.



I found a workaround in a non-related post:

it seems to work for now… until a better solution is found.


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