Ticket watchers

It would be helpful to manually add watchers to tickets, meaning:

  • watchers are notified about changes on the ticket
  • watchers have the permission to view the ticket
  • watchers can be added to overview criteria



This has also been requested here:

By now this is a pooling project of us where we collect money from several persons to reduce the cost for individual people. You can find it here:

I’m new here. I’ve been using RT for 10 years, a bit old fashioned, but has some nice features.
I’m migrating to zammad. I tried to emulate the Queue watchers by creating a trigger that would add a CC to an article every time an article is created but that field is not available.
I have plenty of experience in PHP but not Ruby so I don’t want to mess with the code. Would it be a lot of work to implement it?
I have some clients where one of their users get a copy of all the organization’s tickets (except private comments) . Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I could contribute financially to the feature being developed.
Thanks and regards,


yes - this functionality is quite complex.
We still have that open pooling ( Feature: Watch-Function for tickets an agent is not member of ) for the functionality that you could contribute to, if you’d like.

You can drop a mail to sales [at] zammad [dot] com and we’ll handle the rest with you, if you’d like.

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