Ticket type, object attributes role based, custom workflow


In the institution where I work there are several sectors. Customers open tickets for various reasons (tickets types). For each ticket type they need different custom fields (objects). One sector is responsible for attempt a group of ticket types. Probably difference sectors has different workflows with distinct tickets status.

Suggestions for implementation:

  • Add issue type, relating to group and relating to object.
  • Add role-based objects: If a object has a specific value, others are visible / available.

In the current version (2.8.x), if there are multiple sectors and various ticket types (e.g., 3 sectors and 5 types for each sector), there will be large amounts of objects (which should be optional).

To mitigate the problem, each sector is likely to have a Zammad of its own, which complicates the agent change if a ticket is registered in the wrong Zammad.



I am currently evaluating Zammad and the biggest issue for us is the lack of ability to create separate ticket types.

As we look for a system to role out globally, it is important to us that we keep all different ticket types in a single system.

Initially, we would want the ability to specify which custom fields are available per ticket type.

Is this on the roadmap?

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