Object attributes role based

we have multiple divisions. each division will use different ticket attributes. at the moment all users(agents)/divisions see all attributes. thats not very useful…

I think a solution could be if you can select a role that can access (show, edit…) a specific attribute…

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As far a I remember this feature request has already been made on github or the community but I could not find it to link to it.

Anyway! I think your needs are the same as our needs.

You are talking about additional self created ticket objects? Right?
And you have different groups for each different devision?

This is the way we are doing it and I suppose you are doing it in the same way.

My suggestion would be to make the objects group specific.
If the admin creates defines a new objects in the backend, he should be able to configure in which group it is available.

What do you think?

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This is something I mentioned somewhere else, therefore +1 from my side.

Meanwhile I think we are something like twins in different Companies, almost every time I see one of your comments I think “yup that’s one thing I thought about too”:sweat_smile:

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Yes, I am talking about self created ticket objects.

I think to use groups is ok. But when I understand Zammad right, roles are for bigger environments and so it may make sense to link the user defined fields to roles?

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