Create a new ticket state and type


in the GUI I don’t find the possability to create a new ticket state like “Waiting for customer” - or something else.
I need to create ticket types too…like “System Maintenance”, “New Feature”…etc. - but nothing found.

Is there a way to create those new states and types for tickets?



Thx, it works.

Do you know how I can add new ticket types?

Do you mean Settings -> Objects -> Ticket -> Type?

If so, you can add them there via GUI.


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Sorry I do not understand what you mean by “ticket types”

An other Ticketsytstem has such ticket types:

Tickets are classified as “RFC”, “Problem”, “Incident” …etc.

As @svnr-dvnkln said, I’d also use custom objects for tickets for that.

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Ok, thx I will try. :slight_smile:

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