Ticket - Email-Reply handling

We have a few problems considering the email handling inside a ticket:

1. When you change the customer after the ticket was created the reply on the initial article still goes to the original customer per default.

It would be nice if the new customer could be the default receiver since that would make a lot more sense.

2. There is no auto-completion inside the email receipent field.

It would be nice if there was an auto-completion (at least look up the existing users).

3. If you create a note instead of a email reply (by accident) there is no way to send this note via mail afterwards.

A button or anything similiar to send a created note via mail to -whoever- would be really useful. Or changing the article type to mail instead note after it was created probably would work too.



I totally agree with @dvnkln.
These would be awesome features.

Especially the auto-completion in the email recipient field should be a big issue to implement.
The function is already there when creating a ticket an selecting the customer.
So I think you only have to use this function and implement that it is also used in the email recipient field?

I came here to find out if auto complete is available and if not I was going to suggest it. This is my plus 1

@chesty you should be looking forward to upcoming version 2.4.
Version 2.4 will be released pretty soon and according to github auto-completion will be available in that version. :smile:


Version 2.4 is out and the changelog says that autocompletion is there :slight_smile:

Autocomplete works fine now…

This feels way too good :heart_eyes:

But the CC part is still the same.

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here are our thoughts on your 3 points:

  1. Is a good point, for that we will move this request to interesting.
  2. Auto-completion is possible by now.
  3. It is possible to delete the note (for 10min after creating it) and then you can create an E-Mail instead