Since multivselect fields don't work in package install can I


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0

  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …) package

  • Apache 2

  • MariaDB

  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20

  • Browser + version: Firefox 100

I upgraded to 5.1 and multiselect fields always created an error. I’m told it works but the person who told me this installed from source I installed 5.0 from package and then upgraded to 5.1

Can I create just a select field now and then change it to a multiselect field when the package is fixed?

The Multiselect Attribute works fine in Zammad 5.2, I recommend updating Zammad.

Just to piggy back on the latter part of his question. Is there a way to convert select fields to multi select? I’ve upgraded slowly from 4.x to 5.2.1 and would love to have multi select on some of my current objects, but don’t want a separate new object, just more granularity on my existing objects.

Oh man this question has come daily in the last weeks.
Does the documentation not answer this question?

I even worried enough to move it from bottom to top.

I could have sworn I looked previously and didn’t see it (clearly my fault) and didn’t get any response on an earlier post I made so I took the opportunity here since it was part of the original OPs question. Do you happen to know if there is an existing feature request that I could heart? My search didn’t turn one up but I don’t want to post a duplicate and possibly split voting.


I’ve created a feature request for the ability to convert single select items to multi. If you’re interested please heart it.

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