Sending E-Mails to Agents from Zammad without telling the customer the agents e-mail addresses

Hi All,
we are going to use Zammad (V 2.4.0, build 1523603773.41c091bd for Cent OS 7, x86, 64bit) for our customer support. The most configurations are done, but we have still some issues, we couldn‘t fix our-self.

As we do not have a high amount of support tickets every day, we need e-mail notifications for the agents about new tickets.
If a new ticket has been created, the notification is sent as expected. But if I create a trigger to send e-mails, e.g. because I pushed a ticket to the second service level, the customers sees in the webinterface that an e-mail has been sent including all the e-mail addresses of the agents (e.g. “New ticket for service level 2” -> ",, …").
How can we prevent, that the customer sees these messages?

I found Here it is written, that the customer can see all recipients of a message as they are stored at the ticket. Is there still a way to inform agents without spoiling there e-mail addresses to the customer?




welcome to the Zammad Community and sorry for the delay.

Can you please provide the trigger you added/configured to achieve this? I will then test this in my instance to see where the problem is. :slight_smile:


This was about implementing a bcc field when manually sending a mail.

Your request different from that and right now, as far as I know, there is no option to hide the system generated status Information from the customer.

There’s a lock symbol in the gui that hides notes and emails from customers, I’m not sure if the email addresses would be hidden too.
It looks like it’s not exposed in the trigger interface, though.

There would be workarounds using the API, I don’t know if that’s an option for you.


we use triggers like that:

This trigger is not complete as it would send an email everytime you update the ticket, but with it you can reproduce the problem.

When a 1st-Level agent sets the ticket to the 2nd-Level, the customer sees a notification on the website with all the agents email-addresses.

Is this behavior wanted? Or have I done a missconfiguration?



Hi chesty,

with lock symbol you mean setting a ticket as internal? I think this would cause too much errors as the agents have to switch between internal and external manually.

We also thought of writing a cron-job that get all new 2nd-level tickets via API and sends emails to the agents. I still hope that we can avoid that and use the triggers and/or macros to achieve the behavior we want. But yes, this would be an option for us.


maybe create a new feature request topic here asking to be able to send internal emails from a trigger?
If you get an error when creating a new feature request topic, create it under technical support support then edit it and change the category to feature request.

I think this is the best way. I created I am sure we are not the only one who want to send internal emails by trigger.

Thanks all for the help so far.


Side note:
as far as I know. currently you are :wink:

The customer has no way to get the personal E-Mail information about the agent…

Or am I missing something here?

Hi Marcel,
when sending a message by trigger we get this output (customer view):

The customer sees that the agents got a new email followed by the list of the non-public email-addresses of the agents (blurred).
Have you send an email by trigger in your example? Or just the answer that is displayed?
Best Regards


yes I have send an E-Mail with “answer” in this test case.
I’ll try to force the behaviour you experience on my system later (noon).

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