Add BCC to Email-Ticket

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are their any plans to get a bcc field when writting an email in Zammad?
This request already came up in september 2017 from another user on github (




take a look here - they currently do not intent to implement this feature:

I’d love to have that function too… but oh well.

Thanks @MrGeneration I also found that post.
My hope was that somethign has chanced, since that post is half a year old and we are having version 2.2 now. Back then I think we hat version 1.4 or something.

We also would be very pleased if there was a possibility for BCC :slight_smile:


my first thought was:
Cool! I think I would like to have that to.

But now I´m not shure how to do it:
As far as I know the Mail send out of zammad will be documented in the ticket.
This is important for follow-up and auditing reasons. Right?

And for auditing nothing should be changed in the ticket system. Right?

I think you would like to use the BCC to give someone information about the ticket by mail, but you don´t want the customer to know about that? Right?

But if zammad has to store every information in the ticket - and I think zammad has to - also the information that you send the mail to someone in BCC is stored in the ticket.

So if the customer looks at the ticket, he can see the BCC of the mail in the ticket too.

If this is the case, that what you wanted to do with BCC (don´t give the customer the information who else got the mail) could not be realized.

Ok. I might be possible to hide the BCC field in the ticket for the customer by specific rights.

But if different agents work on one ticket, one agent might to inform someone with BCC, he does not want the other agent to know about.
So hiding the BCC field by rights isn´t a way to do it.

Thinking about the feature BCC in depth I´m no longer shure if I really need it.

What do you think?


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