Sending internal emails to agents on demand

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In case that agents are not working with Zammad all day long, it is useful to send them an email if there is anything to do for them.

Currently emails are send if a new ticket has been created, but in some cases emails are also be needed if specific updates has been made (e.g. service-level, priority or category changed) to be able to enable a multi-level support or any other type of distribution of tasks.

There is already the option to send emails by trigger to agents, but there are some issues with this function:
• Emails are send to all agents, not to a specific group.
• Macros must be enhanced by triggers as macros cannot send mails.
• The emails are not internal. The customer sees that an email has been send in the web-interface including all non-public email-addresses of the agents.

Example “Service-Levels”

  • The 1st level support checks all new tickets for mandatory details and returns a ticket to the customer if important details are missing.
  • If the ticket cannot be the solved by 1st level support it is forwarded to all 2nd level agents that are responsible for this customer, product or type of request.
    ** The 1st level support assigns a ticket to 2nd level support by selecting a macro or changing an attribute.
    ** The agents are informed by email that there is a new ticket for them.

The classification in service levels in this example can be replaced by category, priority, department and many other criteria.

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Sorry, but I think that the request functionality already is there!

If I update a ticket that has not been assigned already, every agent inside that group receives updates on the ticket! If the ticket is assigned, only the assigned agent will receive those Updates.

Also, on triggers you actually can set the group the trigger applies to - so you can indeed inform just the group that applies to the criteria.

Lately I read more often, that external people (not agents) are able to see E-Mails of the oberators - sorry, I cannot understand the problem (because I cannot).
Especially the last part might be a wrong configuration where we surely will be able to assist you (in another thread to keep this a clean request in case it really gets relevant) :slight_smile:

I hope I could cover that up good enough.

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