Reply / forward to a note

Im missing the reply and forward option in notes.

This would be realy helpfull.

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I’m trying to understand your use case here.
Why would you want to reply to a note (ignoring it’s publicity state now)?

A note is a note, not a message or E-Mail that you “could” reply to?

think I used the wrong term “note”.

If you make a ticket entry you have three options on the left (“note”, telefon, email).


If I use the “note” reply and forward is not possible.

Reply to a note is not possible because a note does not have an e-mail address as its origin. But I also think it would be very useful to be able to forward notes.

I had a similiar idea a small time ago:

Therefore i’m kinda with you on this.


the email field could be blank and then be manualy filled.

the other way is just to copy and paste and make a new entry.

but you need more clicks and dont have the marking line on the left

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