Relative time and date for "Pending till" in Macros


Macros are extremely useful, however the function “Pending till” only allows the entry of absolute dates and times, which makes it useless in almost all cases. It would be great to have the possibility to set “Pending till” to relative times and dates like “in 24 hours”, “in 2 months” ecc.

Pending close Macro

Absolutely! Also, the same behaviour in scheduler would be useful. I’d love to remind customers (scheduled) of waiting tickets – so I need to set the ‘pending till’ to something like +7 days (so that it reminds again after a week).


Edit: I was falsly thinking about Schedulers not Macros, so my comment is invalid.


be careful with that, this applies on everyrun after 7 days, you still need to workaround this with Tags (just saying :slight_smile: )


Don’t forget triggers :see_no_evil:



I’m not sure what you mean by “everyrun” but for recurring/regular events there could be something like “every N days/months/years”. However I am not sure if that applies to Macros, which - afaik - run a one-time action


Duh! You’re right, sorry… don’t know why I wanted that in Scheduler haha!


Nonetheless: Yes, I am sure I want this feature added to scheduler as well. There are a few customers that always have very urgent thing for us to do and then they constantly forget to provide feedback. So I’d love to have that feature, even if I had to use tags like #remindeveryday or #remindeverymonday. :wink:


Pending State in Macro

We realized this by a (dirty) workaround.
We set the pending till date to somewhat in the far future (01.01.2100).
Running in Linux we now setup a shellscript runing every hour wich searchs via the API for all tickets with the desired date 01.01.2100 und set the date via the API based on the bash date command to “in one week”.

It is tricky and you have to care about errors in the cronjob or the script but now there are two clicks less when setting a ticket to wait.