Pending State in Macro

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Sir @MrGeneration confirmed to me that to able to use the Pending state in macro you also need to set a pending till if not zammad will ignore the macro with pending state.

My concern is the pending till is you can only set a specific date, my request is to add additional option for the pending till
like if you select pending till you choose manual assign of the date in ticket before you click the update

(all settings applied to the ticket after you used the macro and before zammad update the ticket you need to select the date)

As of now I choose the specific date to use the pending state in macro but the pending till date is not auto increment so when you created the macro pending till that date will auto assigned in the ticket


Hello Zammad Team,

are there any news to this topic? It is quite an often requested feature and would be very useful for workflow improvements:

I nearly opened yet another topic to this until I saw the many suggested threads to it.

I believe many users in the community would appreciate this feature very much as the absolute pending till offset makes no sense in a macro context whatsoever.

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no news yet, sorry.
We currently focus on the knowledgebase

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