Adding Macro Functionality

Disclaimer: This is the first open source project that I’ve contributed to, and I have never developed on ruby on rails before this.

I am working on this feature request:

I have added a new macro via the rails console as follows:

name:            'Rails rel pend',
perform:         {
    'ticket.pending_time' => {
        operator: 'rel',
        value:    7,
        range:    'day',
updated_by_id: 1,
created_by_id: 1,
ux_flow_next_up: 'none',
note:            'MACRO FROM RAILS CONSOLE',
active:          true,

The intended functionality of this macro is to set the ticket “pending_time” to a relative date, rather than a statically selected one. Unfortunately, the assets will need to be changed to handle such a macro.

In a test environment (docker) I have implemented a change in the following file:

This is the code I have added:

# apply pending_date
if attributes[1] is 'pending_time'
    pendtil = new Date
    console.log params.ticket[attributes[1]]
    params.ticket[attributes[1]] = pendtil.toISOString()
    console.log params.ticket[attributes[1]]

This was intended to handle only my specific macro.

In testing my new macro, I noticed that the console will correctly log the old ‘pending_time’ for the ticket and the new time, 7 days from now. However, I’ve encountered some strange results:

I created a new ticket (id: 2). I set it to pending reminder.

# App.Ticket.find(2)['pending_time']

That’s good - it was saved.

# App.Ticket.macro({macro: App.Macro.find(4).perform, ticket: App.Ticket.find(2)})
Array [ 7 ]

Seems to have worked? But then afterwards I get this:

# App.Ticket.find(2)['pending_time']

It didn’t change??? How can I make these changes persist? I have a gut feeling that it has to do with the method in the controllers, but I honestly can’t think of what I need to change.

Could someone please point me in the right direction?

Maybe @thorsteneckel can help further if he finds some spare time.

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Incredibly silly mistake - misplacing the else before the if statement broke the block and the pending_time attribute was simply overwritten at the end of the macro.perform method… My apologies! I’ll create a pull request with a function which exhausts all ideal macro selections - hopefully I’ll get to this by tomorrow.

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