Preset "Wait for close" time

Is there a possibility to set a preset for the “Wait for close” time. For example 2 weeks as default but with the possibility to change it manually.


This is a “Missing Feature” in the Macro area. You already able to select the state “pending” but not able to select a date. Which is essentially a bug. We are aware of that and try to bring this in one of the next releases.


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but i think a macro is not the most intuitive way of how a user will handle it. i think a ordinary user will set “pending reminder” and expect a default wait value.

IMHO both ways seem to be right. A general default value would be good and defining a default value for a macro would also be great.

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we are talking about a general default.
Ok, got it. I thought you want it within a trigger / macro to set the pending date.
My fault.

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