Pending close Macro


I just tried to create a macro with: pending close, but I can only enter a fixed date. It would be nice if I can choose in the macro “in a week” or similar. So I don’t have to fill the date field in the ticket.
Maybe its possible to set a default or something?
This topic existed in Nov 2017 with the result that this feature would be in the next releases.
Whats the status?

kindr regards

The status is that this is working.
Nothing regarding “dynamic” was every mentioned. So that’s not implemented yet and has been requested dozens of times already:

As this is a duplicate of all the above, I’ll close this topic. Beside, we also have a github issue for this which is marked as enhancement:

Generally we’re currently focussing on other parts in Zammad which is why we can’t give an ETA when this comes. Sorry if this is not the answer you’re looking for.

If you can’t wait for this feature, you can also request a quote for custom development to speed up the development of this feature.