Notification send to Slack via Slack Bot [could develop it]

I would love to reopen @Raymond ticket Slack notification via Slack App/Bot to ticket owner.

Adding the open to receive Notifications in Slack would be a game changer.

The userprofile would also need a Slack Member ID if the Slack integration is enabled.

I might be able to develop it, but was wondering if it was welcome. And if I could get some support in terms of architecture.

Thx for the help!

Another option you could look into is using a separate script to receive Zammad webhooks and use those to send notifications (similar to how I made this Discord mention notification thingy).

Having it build in would of course be nicer for configuration purposes but I just thought to suggest alternatives :smile:

Thanks for the comment.
I actually have something similar already working. The problem is, that if somebody adds himself as owner, he gets the notification as well. This is really annoying…
I opened a ticket for that as well: Two Trigger Conditions for the ownder
But a proper implementation would be nicer anyway!

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