Slack notification via Slack App/Bot to ticket owner

Hi there,

Have some feature request about Slack integration.

I was playing around with Zammad and I noticed that right now it only allows notifications to be sent to a specific channel.

I’m thinking that it would be ideal if there would be an option to send slack notifications using a Slack app/bot to the ticket owner so only the concerned person will receive the notification instead of everyone in the channel. Maybe this feature can be added here? (see screenshot)

I think this should improve productivity since everyone doesn’t need to check if the notification is for them or not.

One other feature I’m thinking is including Slack notification as an available option in triggers notification. One of many possible use case is if for example an email contains a certain subject, it then sends notification via Slack App/Bot.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I know this is a lot. :sweat_smile:


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