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I would like to ask about multi tab support. I found following topic: Multitab functionality but it is not clear to me what was the conclusion. In comments it is mentioned that multitab support now works but it does not work for me in version 4.1.x.

Our use case is following. It happens to us often that we need to work with two tickets in parallel but in order to do that we still have to use the button “Continue session” which is pretty annoying.

Could you please let me know if it is possible to have more than one browser tab active or if this is still not possible (coz by design)?


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Hey @vlama ,

AFAIK this hasn’t changed:

It’s designed to only work as a single-page-app. The guy in the topic you linked simple had a typo literally writing:

Tabs are now allowed for now

where it should have been

Tabs are not allowed for now

So no, it never has been (besides that one bug) and it’s still not possible to use multiple zammad browser-tabs. The only tabs you can use are zammad’s own tabs:


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Thanks for your answer.
IMO it is a pity as sometimes it is good to have two tickets opened next to each other.


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Please follow this thread where I will drop a more enhanced explanation of why this is not possible:

I’ve written it often enough and will do it again - once.
Expect me to take up to 14 days for this. Sorry.

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