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When the support team is chatting with users, they have some breaks when they can work on tickets during the chat session. Since opening a new tab leads to display a message that says the session is lost, this could be very annoying for the support team. Currently, our support team creates multiple accounts and open them in multiple browsers to avoid this pain :scream:

Is there a way to disable this feature?

I have no example of other websites that have such functionality, having multiple tabs is pretty usual in a browser. We don’t understand this feature (it could feel like a bug or a technical design issue disguised in a feature).

Let me know if I can improve my question!

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I can second that. We hear a lot of “complaints” that tabbing is not supported. Or that some work got lost by clicking the green button too early :wink:

Our use case: having the internal knowledge base open (multiple answers and or languages) and work on a ticket…

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OOH Yes ! Please, I’m an agent using Zammad, and can’t work on the knowledge base on the same time responding Chat. I have to stay on the same windows to keep my work, even if I can change tab .

Our use case : working on differents tickets on the same time, or working on differents articles on the knwoledgebase

Thank you @rap2hpoutre for the idea of creating two accounts, it can be a temporary solution. :bulb:


I can relate to this. My agents receive a lot of tickets and chat requests, they should be able to handle them using several Zammad tabs for more efficiency. It’s really important for our business activity because it would save us some time to focus on other tasks.


Same on my side. It’s really painful . WOuld be great to have it fixed

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Okay, let me clear this up once again.
This is not a bug but a functionality.

Why tf??
Zammad uses the session to save drafts onto the server.
This allows your computer to break up in flames and you being able to continue were you stopped to work at on any other computer as long as Zammad could save the information first.

Did you ever wonder why Zammad remembers your typed drafts and tabs? That’s the reason.

But why just don’t you allow it, will work any way - right?
Now let’s imagine we’d allow several browser tabs per session:
You have 4 browser windows with dozens of tabs.
(above is not just imagination from my end, I have seen a lot customers working that way - especially the way that comes below)

Now in every browser window you have one or more tabs of Zammad open.
Every time you jump into Zammad you use a different tab.

Where’s the issue you ask?
With every change you run into Zammad, we’ll overwrite old draft data.
But wait… we have several sessions for the same user. How are we supposed to decide which draft version is the current and correct one?

Correct: We can’t.
Technically there’s probably solutions for it - but right now it’s not possible on our technical stack.
Apart from a lot of performance draws you’re going to introduce.

Now to the “chat” issue use case.
Might be me or I’m just a hacky person - but why does this not work for you or your agents?


Zammad is a web application based on layers.
You technically don’t need several tabs to multi task on the UI.

As long as you don’t reload you’re fine.


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