Mobile App for IOS/Andriod

Hello, I’d like to reopen the mobile
App FR. I realize there is another one for this but it’s completely locked out and also quite outdated.

How should I proceed on this?


Vote on the original one, that’s about it :slight_smile:
(heart on the first article)

Well can you unlock it? I am pretty tired of trying to use the web version on my phone so I wrote a lazy one completely independent. Would be good to update the status there on the main thread.

Just need a day or so of time to get it
usable. If anyone want to chip in LMK. It’s Ionic React

The heart button works no matter of its state. DIscourse locks threads automatically after some time.

So should this be the new feature request entry point? I guess we can call this the new feature request and make this the main point of contact. It seems silly to not just re-open the original, but whatever :man_shrugging:t2:

Sorry I’m too lazy to search for the fitting one feature request you could possibly mean.
There’s more than one that fits. Sorry, I’ll stop reading this thread now.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but AddoSolutions was asking to contribute his own development efforts towards a mobile app and was just asking where to put it as the original thread is locked. The response was that you can’t be bothered to direct him or even afford the time to read any further replies…?

I hope I’ve got the wrong end of the stick there, but a mobile app would be interesting to me, even if not the dev team.


@RapidScampi is correct – seems like a pretty weird response to someone looking to help!

Original request:

ALSO, update, the app does bare functions now (login, listing views, tickets, and responding). Goign to publish to App Store shortly (iOS, don’t have a way to do Android ATM)

It’s a basic Ionic app, so it’s easy enough to build on Android

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@Hannes @thorsteneckel – I am preparing to list this app on the app store for sale (couple bucks), can either of you speak to me using the Zammad logo as the app icon and on the login screen, of course giving copyright callbacks to the Zammad organization?

Thank you for pointing out the thread you were talking about.
It’s unlocked now.

Regarding your copyright topic, please see our trademark policy here:

Please make sure that users can see by the Apps title that this is not an official Zammad App but from a third party. Something like this should be enough:

@AddoSolutions - I have no problem contributing to this project, I would love to try it on iPhone. Is it in the IOS App Store?

It is not yet unfortunately, I had not gotten that far yet. I may continue development on it again soon, but haven’t had much time lately.

It is all made and built with ionic Framework which is well documented, and should be easy enough to clone and deploy onto your phone like any other iOS app!

For future readers

I am closing this topic in favor of the original feature request (this FR was really just asking them to open the original) which can be found here:

This topic is unofficially CLOSED

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